French Macarons! Oh, la-la!


French Macarons! Oh, la-la!

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Choose from a variety of flavorful macarons—adding a single treat up to an assorted dozen.

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Macarons... A perfect French Confection to add to any order or by themselves. What are they? Two perfect meringue pillows that surround deliciously flavored ganache fillings, and they're GLUTEN FREE. The meringues contain finely ground almonds and pistachio. Please list your preferred flavors in the Notes/Comments section of your order. Choose from:

  • Café | Coffee
  • Caramel Salé | Salted Caramel
  • Chocolate aux Framboises | Black Raspberry Chocolate
  • Chocolat Noir | Dark Chocolate
  • Citron et Lavande | Lemon Lavender
  • Fraises au Chocolat | Chocolate Strawberry
  • Gâteau d'Annniversaire | Birthday Cake
  • Noix de Coco | Coconut
  • Pistache | Pistachio
  • Thé Earl Grey | Earl Grey Tea
  • Vanille de Madagascar | Madagascar Vanilla
  • Velours Rouge | Red Velvet
  • Macaron Saisonniers | Seasonal Macarons