Let's Get started

We like to simplify things with a pre-appointment questionnaire. Once we receive yours, we will review your details including colors, guest count, locations, budget and if you have a board, your Pintrest vision. This gives us a starting point and a better idea of your expectations, before we even meet.

Since every wedding scenario is different, no “right” amount can be suggested for your budget. A good estimate for planning would be to set aside 10%-25% of your overall wedding budget for flowers and décor. This of course will vary, depending on your overall needs. We offer both A`la carte florals and designs for a full party.

Our Signature Style reflects full, voluminous bouquets, beautifully detailed personal flowers, textured lush ceremony and table decor, and floral enhancements throughout your ceremony and event space that follow suit. While we absolutely tailor-make each item to reflect every couple, we only use premium blooms, binding ribbons, and decorative elements.  For couples interested in bouquets, personal flowers, centerpieces and other decor—a full party—desiring our Signature Style should realistically anticipate budgeting at least $6000+ for our designs and services. Our minimum for a holiday weekend* begins at $4,000.  Please note, we limit the number of weddings and events on any given weekend. If you are definitely interested in retaining our services for your day, please do not hesitate to confirm on our calendar.


We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your upcoming wedding. As a busy bride- or groom-to-be, we know your time is valuable. Please be sure to bring any pictures of your attire and your party's; if you have an unusual color, a fabric swatch is a great thing to share. 

We have found that the following details tend to get overlooked and sometimes delay the number crunching on our end for being able to calculate prices:

  • If decorating the aisle, do the pews/chairs have sides to attach décor? What is the length of aisle for a petal accent and is aisle decor permitted?

  • If needing cake flowers, how large are the layers — in particular the top layer? Does your cake provider permit Lavender Hill to place your cake flowers?

  • If you are renting vases and decor from Lavender Hill, does decor have to be removed immediately following your event? or, can it be removed/picked up the next day?

  • Holiday dates tend to book quickly; do not hesitate if you are definitely interested in working with us. We will also limit the number of events on a holiday weekends and a minimum* does apply.

  • Please remember when calculating your budget, part of the total amount allotted must have sales tax deducted and possibly delivery/labor, depending on what you are in need of for your event. The amount left is what is actually available towards flowers and decor. Sometimes this gets overlooked when calculating, so please remember you might need to adjust accordingly.

  • A final count for everything must be confirmed four weeks before the wedding date, and the final balance must be paid at this time. We accept cash and checks as payment. 

  • ***Please note: holiday weekends must meet a $4,000 minimum, and Sunday events $2,000 plus taxes and any applicable labor charges. We consider the following dates at holiday minimums: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July Weekend, Labor Day Weekend. The minimum for Derby, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve/Day Weekend is $5000. 

I'd definitely like Lavender Hill to be my wedding florist. What do I do now?

First, see if the date is available with us and place a 'Date Retainer' to confirm your place on our event calendar. The 'Date Retainer' is great for couples who know they definitely want to partner with Lavender Hill for their flowers, but might not be ready to discuss the floral and decor details. If you're still confirming your locations or dress selections, this is a perfect option for couples also out of town and not back in the area until a future date. To be sure you are on our calendar, reserve your date now, and we'll go over the important details once you're back in the area. The $350 retainer is taken off the final complete floral bill and is non-refundable

What's next?

Once you have definitely selected your dresses/attire, call to schedule your floral consultation: 812.288.2388. Your consultation will take approximately one hour, or so. We are happy to make lunch appointments, and we promise to get you in, out and back to work ASAP! Please note, while we understand traffic can get crazy, we do ask that you please let us know if you are running late. Our appointment availability is very limited at times. A late arrival might mean we will have to reschedule your time, and we apologize in advance for that. We are available to meet after hours. After-hours appointments require a $75 after-hours fee, which will be applied towards your booked date and is non-refundable

After you have received your written proposal and contract, please review it and if we're a match for your day, please fill in the contract and return it with your 40% retainer. Please let us know within seven days of receiving your paperwork if you would like to work with us. We do not hold dates without a signed contract and do not assume we will be working together, you must contact us via email or phone. If we do not hear back, we will continue to take inquiries for your date. We do limit the number of events we take for any particular day/weekend. We plan our dates around the first couple inquiring. If the wedding/event is large or very detailed in decor, we might not book another for that same date. We feel every couple deserves the same personal attention, whether the event is large or small, therefore we book accordingly. Your floral quote is honored for thirty days, beginning on the day it is sent to you for review.

Rough Estimate for Calculating your Budget

Bride hand tied:  $185/250+     Cascade: $275/400+

Attendants hand tied: $85/125+

Boutonnieres: $15+

Corsages: Pin-on $25+ Wrist $30+ 

Ceremony arrangements: Sm. $150+ Med. $250+ Large 350+

Centerpieces: Sm. $45+ Med. $75+ Large $350+

Elevated Designs: $175+

Delivery and Set up: 15%-20% of total End of evening strike: 10%-15%

These numbers are to help you estimate a budget. All details will vary based on your needs.